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Oct 13, 2012 8:00am PDT
california science center and update on its location. it took more than 50 years but now a 93-year-old south bay women finally has her college >>. >> katie: right now the space shuttle endeavour is on the move near l.a. we understand it's near the forum. final destination is california science center. it started rolling within the last hour. this is video of that. brand-new into the newsroom, the move was delayed for several hours overnight as crews prepared to cross over interstate 405. it had to be transferred to a special dolly to make it over the overpass. they had to take down power lines but got rolling again around midnight. it is expected to take 9:00 tonight to reach the museum. >> a shocking charge this morning against two cal law students. eric and justin both 24 years old were arrested in las vegas for behead go an exotic bird. it shows the two chasing a 14-year-old bird into the trees at flamingo hotel's habitat. they come out with the body. men has been charged with malicious killing of wildlife. >> this weekend a santa clara woman along with three generation of her famil
Oct 20, 2012 8:00am PDT
california's three strikes law. find out how many criminals could be back on the street if it happens. >> and the key decision by a nevada judge >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, it's 8:28. developing news in san jose where the chp is investigating a deadly crash on highway 101. around 1:00 a.m. a jeep stopped on the shoulder with four people inside was hit by a honda going about 65 miles an hour. three of the four people in the jeep were killed. the fourth person has only minor injuries. the san jose woman who was driving the honda also suffered minor injuries. the southbound lanes were shut down until about 4:30 for the investigation. >> new this morning a fire destroyed the attached garage of a home. smoke and flames were sent 60 feet into the air. a contra costa fire chief said first responding crews were calling for more help while they were still a mild away. the damage was kept just to the garage. firefighters had to work to keep it from spreading to a neighboring home. the loss is initially estimated at $75,000. no word on what cause
Oct 27, 2012 8:00am PDT
pacific. go from northern california to southern california today and tomorrow. it has allowed for the winds to shift. a light northerly wind warming up the bay area, southern california bringing plenty of sunshine. in fact temperatures all around the bay will be warmer than average. how about that 90 in los angeles. some freezing fog in the northern sierra with temperatures in the upper 20s. 61, but mainly 70s and 80s today. 66 half moon bay. nice and mild there with 76 in palo alto. san jose, low 80s inland east bay. 69 in monterey. we have quite an about-face with our weather. detroit low to mid 40s for the game this evening. nice day tomorrow. sea breeze cooling us off on monday. more cooling on tuesday and rain moving in by midday. then maybe an inch of rain in the north bay. quarter to half an inch and linger into first day of november on thursday. so if you like the rain that is coming, or above normal temperatures we got that, too. >> word of advice based on personal experience, clean the rain gutters out. >> lisa: did you do that. >> terry: i did it. >> in sports this nephew a
Oct 6, 2012 8:00am PDT
california independent oil association which represented independent station ontoers, were asking they are able to sell winter blend fuel now. the annual switch from the more complicated summer formula usually doesn't happen until october 30th. >> to be allow it to be used to sooner will provide an additional supply and that would help the prices. >> reporter: but the wheels of government run slowly. epa rarely grants state waivers. because california has special restrictions to ensure we have the cleanest gasoline in the world the state must sign off first. >> you have another layer of government activity that has to take place legally. >> reporter: as painful the prices are, not everyone thinks that california should switch so-so soon. just this week. parts of the state suffered through a heat wave where summer fuels can help fight off pollution. >>> cleaner burning gasoline is a key control measure. it cuts the emissions and causes smog. >> reporter: with the exxon mobil refinery back on line, supply should increase. wholesale prices dropped 40-50 cents but it won't be reflected at
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4